Ms. Y: “I have been dealing with Family Services since 2003. My first encounter with Family Services was through W.P.A. (Women’s Prison Association). I was involved in their short-term COBRA program, and that’s how I came to Bushwick. As a result, I have never looked back. They help you with housing, pantry, medical and anything you need. I also took up peer education classes there, through the CIA (Comrades In A.R.M.S.) program. CIA is also good for outreach services and helping people deal with other issues. Through the things learned at FSN, I am also enjoying helping others that are facing similar issues that I have dealt with, or am currently dealing with”

“When I was referred to Family Services Network Of New York, Inc., I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I began going there for case management. I had to speak about my feelings to a person I didn’t even know. It was like going through all the pain, all over again and again. I had to tell my life story to different people in order for them to help me. They needed to know my background and (living situation). So I kept going back for support. My Case Manager tried so hard to talk to me about taking trainings, and support groups, and I kept telling him no.”

“The one thing about FSN/CIA, the staff is willing to help and they do not give up on their clients. As for me, I was there everyday. I felt comfortable around the staff; I didn’t feel judged and I wasn’t feeling lonely anymore. CIA made me feel that I could do a lot more with my life. They gave me hope. They helped me figure out what I need to do with myself, and my conclusion was to keep coming to FSN and devote my time to FSNNY, because I really wasn’t doing anything at home. The staff inspired me and as time went by I started going to support groups and trainings. The trainings I’ve taken are 8 weeks Peer Training Sessions, VOICES/VOCES, Healthy Relationships, SISTA, and others in different locations.”

“Well as for me I can say that I have progress in life, the trainings taught me knowledge of things I didn’t know. It helped me deal with situations that happened in my life, that I couldn’t take control of before. Now I’m more able to deal with the situation in a different manner. The training also teaches you how to communicate well with others, communication is definitely required. As for me I was scared to communicate with people, I didn’t know how to approach the public, now I’m more open-minded. I also learn that I need to put myself first cause if I didn’t who will! I need to always think about my safety.”

“When I moved to Brooklyn, that’s when I found out that I was infected with HIV. I thought it was the end of the world, but God is so good because he kept my fight to live inside of me. One day I was hungry and didn’t have any food and needed someone to talk to so I started walking down Broadway. That’s when I found Family Services Network of New York, Inc. I went to get services from FSNNY and they helped learn about HIV. I took Peer Training Sessions, because I wanted to help people that are HIV+.”

Ms. V: “As for me I think I’m doing well, and I want to thank all of the staff from FSNNY/CIA. I’m really grateful for having all of you from CIA.”

Mr. R: “While working as a Peer Educator/Outreach Worker here at Family Services Network of NY, I have had the opportunity to rally in Albany, NY to protest the current NY State Drug Laws concerning marijuana arrests. While at Albany, NY I had the chance to speak with Annette Robinson, Assembly member for the district 56 section of Brooklyn. She informed us that she would push for lesser sentences given to those arrested for small amounts of marijuana in New York. Over all I have had and will continue to have great learning experiences here at Family Services Network of NY.”

Mr. S: “I’ve been a Peer Educator/Outreach Worker for 11 years and I’m still going strong and looking forward to continuing working to provide services for people that are in need.”

Ms. L, Volunteer: “Family Services Network of NY has given me support through case management and support groups to stay clean of drug use and to remain drug-free. While maintaining my sobriety, I have been given the opportunity to be a Peer Educator/Outreach Worker / Volunteer that I love.”

Ms. Va: “I have found it to be the best experience out of my whole probation process and would hope to continue even after I have completed my necessary hours.”

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