Care Management Program

Family Services Care Management Program (CMP), is part of the broader Health Homes Initiative of New York State.  This program directs outreach attention to the most frequent utilizers of the city’s Emergency Departments and hospitals, with an emphasis on coordinating care services across institutions to improve the overall health of the client.

Using an outreach team to interact with the community, clients are made aware of the services offered through our program and receive help to enroll, get primary medical care and social services to help  stabilize their health conditions.

• Asthma
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Hypertension
• Mental Health
• Obesity
• Substance Abuse Disorder


• Medical Services
• Legal Services
• HASA / Entitlements
• Food Pantry
• Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Services
• Support Groups & Counseling
• Condom Distribution
• HIV Counseling & Testing
• Harm Reduction Services (Detox, Syringe Exchange & Treatment)

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