Bushwick Multi-Service Center

The Bushwick MSC is a four-story facility and home to a four-story facility and home to approximately 12 health and human service programs. The MSC has been managed under a zero-based contract with the NYC Human Resources Administration – Office of Land Use Review and Multi-Services Centers (OLUR) since 1986. Residents receive services ranging from primary health care, HIV/AIDS services, mental health, family and individual counseling, job referrals and placement, foster care services, WIC, legal services and assistance, information & referral, advocacy, and also food & emergency food pantry services. Since 1986, FSNNY has managed the facility’s physical plant, making improvements to its external and internal structures, refurbishing and renovating program spaces, as well as, maintaining structural and mechanical components of the building. This has been accomplished through an internally generated proportional occupancy payments and careful selection of not-for-profit occupant organizations that meet our community’s needs.

Family Service Nework 148 - Copy (2)

FSNNY has developed strong relationships with residents, leaders, and providers resulting in a mix of services at the MSC that is responsive to the needs of clients and their families. Services provided within the Bushwick Multi-Service Center are as follows:

Family Services Network Of New York, (FSNNY), Inc. is the sponsor of the Bushwick Multi-Service Center. FSNNY provides information and referral to a variety of providers in the community. FSNNY also offers an emergency Food Pantry & Clothing Bank. Information about FSNNY, Inc., the Bushwick MSC & other assistance, can be obtained by calling:
718-455-6010, ext. 100.

  1. Brooklyn Community Board #4:
    Tel: 718-628-8400 • Fax: 718-628-8619 • Web: http://www.nyc.gov/brooklyncb4 Community Boards provide New Yorkers with a voice and the ability to be increasingly helpful & productive in their neighborhoods. Community Boards are able to facilitate a relationship between City Hall & the city’s many diverse neighborhoods. Whether advising on unprecedented land use reforms or fighting for crucial social services, Community Board members work to strengthen and celebrate this great city.
  2. FSNNY Food Pantry Service:
    Tel: 718-455-6010, Ext. 151 / 148 • Fax: 718-452-1620
    Provides food pantry to the community and families as part of the NYC Human Resources Administration and the United Way of New York City’s Hunger Preventive Initiative. This service has experienced enormous growth in demand for food bags, since the economic downturn of 2008.
  3. FSNNY Care Management Program:
    Tel: 718-455-6010 / 718-455-0990, Ext. 120 • Fax: 718-455-2622 • Go to program page
  4. FSNNY Comrades In A.R.M.S.:
    Tel: 718-455-6010 / 718-455-6016, Ext. 151 • Fax: 718-452-1620 • Go to program page
  5. FSNNY Wellness Center:
    Tel: 718-455-6010, Ext. 140 / 141 • Fax: 718-455-0999
  6. FEDCAP:
    Tel: 347-294-3844 • Fax: 347-294-3860
    Provides screening for public assistance recipients under contract with NYC Human Resources Administration. The program also medically assesses Public Assistance applicants and recipients, in order to determine feasibility to enter the work force, or to receive their entitled benefits, such as disability or Social Security.
  7. New York University BCU:
    Tel: 646-997-0251 / 718-919-1639
    The “Brooklyn Community United” (BCU) is a community health study being conducted by the NYU College of Nursing. The study tests different ways of finding and testing people who might be at risk for HIV and also looks at different ways of getting HIV-infected individuals to high-quality health care, without delay. Thus, helping them make their appointments, providing them with HIV testing counseling and linkage to care.
  8. Information & Referral Services:
    Tel: 718-455-6010 / 718-455-6016, Ext. 146
    A service of the MSC sponsor that connects residents to services and resources within the Bushwick Multi-Service Center, as well as, those available at partner agencies throughout the community.
  9. Office of Legal Affairs & Immigration Law Project:
    Tel: 718-455-0990, Ext. 152 • Fax: 718-452-1620 • Go to program page
  10. PSCH Services:
    Promoting Specialized Care and Health Services (PSCH) is a non-profit organization that provides mental and vocational training services to individuals with mental health diagnosis. Contact Vocational Services at 718-277-1491 or visit, http://www.psch.org.
  11. SCO Waiver & Blended Programs:
    Tel: 718-452-2128 • Fax: 718-452-6218 • Web: http://www.sco.org
    Two State and Federal funded programs for children with mental health (Children with ACCESS 1 Diagnostics). The Waiver program is for children seeking out of home placement. ACS’ goal and involvement is to ensure that the children are kept within the community. The Blended program is to ensure and maintain these children in their homes. In addition, these two blended programs provide therapeutic case management service for children 5 thru 18 years of age complex mental health needs in the North & Central areas of Brooklyn.
  12. SCO Family of Services / Family Dynamics:
    Tel: 718-452-0581, Ext. 305 • Fax: 718-452-1051 • Web: http://www.sco.org
    Provides family counseling, parental support groups and workshops, in addition to child education services for families at risk of child abuse and neglect.
  13. SCO Services for Teens:
    Tel: 718-452-0581 • Fax: 718-452-1051 • Web: http://www.sco.org
    This program provides foster care & adoption agency services. Provides support and counseling services to teens that reside in foster boarding homes in North & Central Brooklyn.

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