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Community Oriented Recovery & Empowerment Services (CORE)

The Home and Community Based  Services (HCBS) / CORE Programs
Services offered in Dutch, Hindi, Russian and Spanish

 The premise of HCBS is to help “create an environment where managed care plans, service providers, plan members, families, and government partner to help members prevent and manage chronic health conditions and recover from serious mental illness and/or  substance use disorders”. Our CORE services can aid you in reaching your personal goals.

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These principles are paramount in the services we provide:

At FSN we utilize Person-Centered Care and ensure that all services provided reflect an individual’s personal goals and accentuate mutual decision-making approaches that empower members, offer choices, and reduce any potential stigmas.  Services are designed to assist members in making progress with their behavioral/mental health condition and emphasize wellness and attention to the person’s overall well- being and full community inclusion.

FSN’s Adult Behavioral/Mental Health Home & Community Based Services are Recovery-Oriented. Services are provided based on the principle that all individuals have the capability to recover from mental illness and/or substance use disorders.  Specifically, services should support the fulfillment of living, vocational, and social skills and be offered in home and/or community-based settings that encourage hope and inspire each person to establish their own personal path towards recovery.

FSN’s Adult Behavioral/Mental Health Home & Community Based Services are Integrated into the individual’s overall care to ensure that both physical and behavioral health needs are being addressed. Care coordination activities are the foundation for care plans which provide the direction for services, along with efforts to foster individual responsibility for health awareness.

FSN’s Adult Behavioral/Mental Health Home & Community Based Services are Data-Driven.   HCBS uses data to define outcomes, monitor performance, and promote behavioral/mental health enrichment and well-being.

FSN’s Adult Behavioral/Mental Health Home & Community Based Services utilizes Evidence-Based Practices where appropriate and provide training or enable continuing education activities to promote uptake of these practices.

Our HCBS program currently offers the following services:

  • Community Oriented Recovery & Empowerment (CORE)
  • Community Psychiatric Support & Treatment (CPST)
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)
  • Family Support & Training (FST)
  • PSR (Psychosocial Rehabilitation) and FST (Family Support & Training) Support Groups

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HBCS CORE Member Brochure

Empowerment Services – Peer Support Brochure

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST) Brochure

Family Support and Training (FST) Group Brochure

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Group Brochure

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