Immigration Law Project

The Immigration Law Project is a new initiative designed to bring timely effective legal advocacy and representation to the Bushwick community. The primary goal of the project is to provide legal assistance to help immigrants attain citizenship and lawful immigration status.  Immigrants have been durably influential in shaping all aspects of American life.  New York City has long recognized and supported the importance of immigrants and diversity.


  • 37% of the over 8 million New Yorkers are immigrants
  • 43% of New York City’s labor force is foreign-born
  • 50% of Small Business in NY are owned by immigrants
  • In 2009, 60% of the detained immigrants did not have an attorney
  • Immigrants without attorneys are 5 times more likely to lose their cases
  • New York City’s narrative reflects the full range of contributions made by immigrants
  • Vast majority of new immigrants go on to become productive citizens

Our objectives are to expand our capacity to respond to the legal and advocacy needs of immigrants by providing legal counsel, education and representation.

The Immigration Law Project allows us to continue the important mission of supporting the wholeness of families and communities.  By providing legal assistance to a broad swath of qualified immigrants, we help them attain citizenship and lawful immigration status. Through advocacy, education and representation our community service organization help immigrants navigate the process.

After extensive consultation, we assess eligibility to petition for lawful status.  We counsel and educate the immigrant about the issues that may impact them and the process for adjusting their status.  Our experienced legal team then informs the immigrant about realistic and credible options for achieving lawful immigration status. Once the immigrant confirms that she understand the process and is willing to proceed, we work to ensure the desired outcome.

• Apply for, petition or defend
• Citizenship/Naturalization
• Deportation/Removal & Cancellation
• Employment Authorization
• FOIA File Request/Counsel about pending immigration case
• Gender Violence & Petition for battered spouses/children
• Immigration in Proceeding for Criminal Conviction
• Motion to Reopen/Appeals
• Removal Withholding
• Status Adjustments
• Temporary Protected Status/Asylum
• Waivers

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm
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