North Brooklyn Wellness Medical Practice

THE NORTH BROOKLYN WELLNESS MEDICAL PRACTICE, PLLC  is open and available for new patients.  We specialize in all forms of primary care and testing services. We are located at 1420 Bushwick Ave (1st floor) Brooklyn NY 11207.  Stop in to meet with our professional and friendly staff, we are open from 9-5pm, Monday to Friday.   Walk in appointments are welcomed.   Healthy living is our focus and we are ready to help you achieve your personal health goals.Wellness Img 1

What we do:  Phlebotomy, EKG, Vital Signs, Hematology, Urinalysis, Specimen Collection, Basic Lab Tests, Referrals, all Primary Care functions.  All Insurances accepted!

Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri,  9am – 5pm

Contact Us:

PHONE: (718) 455-3036/3072/3073

FAX: (718) 455-0999



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